The strategic importance of cash management within companies is indisputable. Today, solutions are available to financial managers and departments responsible for this management to allow them to ensure balance as well as development of the company as a whole.

Cash management central to the viability of the company

The dynamism of a company and its expansion and development are intrinsically related to its capacity to manage cash flow. Inadequate cash management can lead to numerous issues that directly affect the financial performance of the company. In particular, the lack of visibility of cash flows and cash account positions in a decidedly multi-company environment poses problems.

The viability of any company requires an organised and structured cash flow management in order to:

  • Manage the main financial flows
  • Manage liquid assets
  • Analyse financial data and establish regular reporting in order to anticipate risks
  • Control expenditures in order to optimise cost of financial instruments
  • Plan and prepare budgets
  • Optimise the strategy and financial development of the organisation

Choose an integrated solution for efficient, high-performance cash management

There are numerous solutions on the software and software package market devoted to cash management and its optimisation. By identifying their cash management needs, companies can thus select the most appropriate software. Access to an integrated solution is at the forefront of the needs expressed by companies.

An integrated solution reduces the share of manual work by avoiding re-entries in Excel, for example. At the same time, relevant projections can be made based on several decisive factors, including the company budget, the recurring flows, the orders and projects in progress, the outstanding invoices, the invoices receivable and those to be issued, VAT, cash flow histories, and the policies and payment behaviours of the various participants (customers, suppliers, the company itself, etc.).

Analysis of the financial background of a company is essential in order to make projections, but also to anticipate and control risks. It also allows comparisons to be established and the weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual variations of the flows to be monitored so that conclusions can be drawn and good practices established that will be beneficial to the entire ecosystem of the company.

iLeo Financials: a made-to-measure response for optimal financial and cash management

Aware of the needs and expectations in cash management, Synchro Financials was developed to provide companies with strategic control of financial management and cash management. Companies have advanced support for generating relevant budgetary plans thanks to the automatic projections. Its integration with regard to Business Intelligence facilitates reporting and alerting in a multi-company setting.

Also, as an integrated solution, the software guarantees real ease of use. The solution provides among other things a summarised and detailed overview of anticipated flows, alignment of outgoing payments and other ergonomic functionalities for better control of the tasks relating to cash management.

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In Brief :

Cash management is a central topic that requires study and an appropriate strategy to ensure viability and profitability of the financial activity of the company

Reporting and analysis of behaviour and trends with regard to cash flow allow pertinent and constructive projections to be made

The choice of an integrated management solution allows optimisation on every level